Work with a team that loves what it does

We provide the backing to help our dealers do what they do best – and help our customers buy the Toyotas they love. Don’t be fooled by the word ‘finance’. We’re a vibrant team with opportunities to explore all kinds of career paths – from finance to marketing, information services and sales.

Meet Brian - Residual Value Analyst

Arriving in New Zealand straight from Ireland, I couldn’t have landed in a better company. So friendly and welcoming with plenty of opportunity. This is a company where you work hard and prove yourself and you will be rewarded. 

Two years ago I started out as a temp and now I’m a Residual Value Analyst. Before you ask, it means I predict the future value of any particular vehicle and work out what you can sell them for.

"There’s a lot of analysis, research, guidance from my team, chatting with dealers, looking what is happening with auctions … you have to really immerse yourself in it". 

This is a very progressive open friendly environment. It is a family. I know that sounds cheesy, but it is. We all go on social events together - they are here to help you grow and bring you up. I genuinely love it!

I can walk in to the office and have a yarn with the CEO. It is so supportive like I’ve never experienced before.”

Is Financial Services for me?

Where can a career in finance take me?

With a team of almost 90 people we’re one of New Zealand’s biggest finance companies. Our size, combined with the fact we promote from within means your career with Toyota Financial Services could take you anywhere from finance to operations, accounting, sales, information services or marketing.

What kind of people do you look for?

Our team is built around people who genuinely enjoy achieving results and live by Toyota’s values of respect, positivity and continuous improvement.  If you have a “can-do” attitude, see work as a place to have fun and are up for a challenge, we’d love to hear from you.

Do I need experience?

This is role-dependent. While it’s not a pre-requisite across the board, some background within the banking/finance sector would be an advantage in many, but not all roles. With Toyota’s commitment to continuous improvement, if you’ve got potential, we’ll help you get up to speed and grow into any number of roles.



Types of roles at Financial Services

Interested in these key roles? Just use the arrows to find out more.

Our roles are all based in Auckland and typically fall into the areas below:

Accounting and Treasury

These are the money people, providing the business with vital support and analysis of current and future financial information to help make sound business decisions.  A head for numbers is essential. 


Applications people are at the centre of what we do, working right across the business, including system support, project management, project office governance and reporting.  This team has an eye for continuous improvement (Kaizen), business analysis and change management.  

Customer Service

In true Toyota Finance spirit, we look after all aspects of the customers' journey with us.  We help customers by looking after loans and settlements, quoting and arranging insurances, documentation right through to settlement and final pay-out. We also work with our network of dealers to make sure they have everything they need to run a smooth and efficient business.


IT people help keep the ship steady so the rest of the business can go about its business securely and uninterrupted. 

Lease Operations

We guide customers through lease terminations to make sure the customer experience is smooth while still meeting contractual obligations. We also manage residual risk by analysing vehicle sales data, setting future residual values on vehicles and managing the disposal process at the end of lease contracts. 


Our team supports the dealer network, helping them manage the lending and collection of finance owed.


TFS Marketing - We're the team that lets customers know all about our great finance and insurance products and services.  We also provide support for the Toyota dealer marketing activities.


We manage risk by anticipating, understanding and deciding whether to modify it.  The risk department includes internal audit, compliance and AML functions.


TFS Dealer Team helps dealers sell Toyota and Lexus vehicles by providing them with the very best finance and insurance products. TFS Fleet Team helps find, secure and keep fleet customers and give them everything they need to run their fleet safely, efficiently and cost-effectively. TFS Wholesale provides dealers with funding so they can keep their operations topped up with Toyotas. 


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