Why do Toyota people love what they do? 

Toyota people live by a clear set of eight beliefs. Beliefs that guide the way we think, act and look ahead. These beliefs don’t just live on a whiteboard. They’re alive and well in every part of our business and they all begin with a respect for people and continuous improvement. Maybe that's why Toyota people stay longer.

This is what we believe:

Your voice counts.

We believe everyday’s an opportunity to improve.

On the production line is an actual button, called the Andon cord, which anyone can pull to stop everything when something important needs attention. This very same concept works in business too; that’s how much we trust you and empower you to take responsibility.

We’re all for you improving how we do things – and bettering yourself in the process. We recognise and award trophies to any team member who’s great ideas and thinking help us stay a winning team.

Express your creativity.

We believe that if you can dream it, you can do it.

We encourage our teams to set impossible goals and then work towards achieving them. For example our engineers have a goal to create a car that makes the air cleaner as it drives. Imagine that!

Innovation comes from 1% inspiration...and 99% perspiration. To ensure your ideas are heard, we have forums such as renewal groups and monthly Kaizen meetings where you can share your ideas, get creative and tell us something new. Then you can create your own work groups to brainstorm and make your innovations and great ideas come to life.

Always keep learning.

We believe a better tomorrow starts today.

Team development is one of the most important things we do in every area of our business. Most of our appointments are internal promotions. And these are not just within departments.

We work to train and advance all team members that want to grow. And within departments there are clear paths to promotion, for example, as a Technician in the workshop there are four tiers that we will pay for you to train to advance to, all on the job. Staff are our biggest investment.

Be part of a diverse team, built on respect.

We believe in respecting others.

Our dealerships are locally owned and we all share a common vision built on mutual respect, great communication and consideration. So you feel like you are part of a family team wherever you are and wherever you go in the Toyota network.

We take pride in how long our best staff choose to stay with us, and how we, like New Zealand, are made up of hundreds of cultures and interests and points of view, all working together and all connected by respect.

Care for the community and environment.

We believe in trying to make a difference

Toyota believes in making the kind of cars that last and that can be repaired easily and efficiently. This is the kind of sustainability that goes against disposable culture. We also spearhead environmental and community initiatives across education, natural environment and sports.

We are really proud to be one of New Zealand's most trusted brands, and it is not by accident. It is because we work hard to try to make every community we are involved in a better place. And that is something that our employees tell us is important to them too - to be part of a company that is about leaving the world a better place than they found it.

Join forces. Conquer mountains.

We believe in working together

The Toyota team satisfies its customers by working together. Everyone, from our teams working on design, engineering and production, through to Toyota New Zealand, Toyota Financial Services and across our dealership network are working together. For us, it is energising, liberating and fun. Team really does mean: Together Everyone Achieves More. So much so that we have team bonuses where every person’s contribution to a win counts – and is rewarded.

Success breeds success.

We believe good things stand the test of time

Toyota is a company built on values, cars and relationships that stand the test of time. This is something really important to us here. We’re proud to be the market leader for 26 years. Our staff have a strong sense of identity and enjoy working for a company that has earned the loyalty of thousands of kiwis. 

The same ethos that we apply to our cars applies to you. That is: we think long term. We’re patient. We invest in training and developing you and desire to see you stimulated and engaged in your workplace.

Seize the initiative

We believe in going the extra mile

Ultimately what we’re looking for is people who have ‘Toyotaness’. Hard-working, resilient, decisive and dedicated we have high expectations for our team – and they live up to it. We ask our people to go the extra mile to deliver outstanding levels of customer service. And we ask you to show the same work ethic for every job, every project and every step in your journey with us.


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